Rev. Billy Graham Dies At Age 99

Rev. Billy Graham, who transformed American religious life during his seven decades on the pulpit, preaching to millions and counseling presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to George W. Bush, died Wednesday. He was 99.

Graham, who long suffered from cancer, pneumonia and other ailments, died at his home in Montreat, North Carolina, spokesman Mark DeMoss said.

Graham reached more than 200 million through his appearances and millions more through his pioneering use of television and radio.

With his steely features and piercing blue eyes, Rev. Graham was a powerful figure when he preached in his prime, roaming the stage and hoisting a Bible as he declared Jesus Christ to be the only solution to humanity’s problems.

Billy Graham came to Kohima spreading the message of God in 1972. Anne Graham Lotz, the second daughter of Billy Graham visited Nagaland in 2012. She said that after the crusade held in Kohima, a bond of attachment between the Nagas and the Graham family still existed, Anne said that her father still held Nagaland and Nagas close to his heart.

A road in Kohima (Billy Graham road) has been named after the renowned evangelist.

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