NSCN (IM) cadres to be absorbed in Security forces


Nagaland governor PB Acharya announced that around 4000 NSCN (IM) cadres would be recruited into security forces following the disbanding of the group. The Governor also mentioned that there will be no territorial integration of Naga inhabited areas outside Nagaland.

Addressing the media here, he said that NSCN (IM) general secretary Th Muivah is still saying that the group has not given up its territorial integration demand is because that is his own way of convincing the people.

“The strongest of the Naga outfits (NSCN-IM) has come out and the others, including NSCN (K) will follow suit soon,” Acharya said.

He too appealed to the Paresh Baruah faction of anti-talk ULFA (I) to come out soon and join the peace process.

He added, “All that the NSCN (IM) leadership wants is that the Nagas, wherever they reside, should enjoy equal status with other communities of the state where they are living.” (The North East Today)

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