Nagaland coffee – one of the world’s best

Nagaland coffee is considered to be one of the best in the world. The state government stated this in its presentation to the 15th Finance Commission recently.

Coffee was once a failed crop in Nagaland during late 1980 mainly due to lack of marketing linkages.

The state government has now signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the South Africa firm M/S Noble Cause Pvt. Ltd. Co to buy Nagaland coffee for the next 30 years.

About 14 MT of Nagaland Coffee has already reached Cape Town. The state envisages development of 50,000 hectares of Coffee Plantations by 2020- 27.

It stated that within 2 years since 2016-17, about 6,000 hectares have been covered, adding that by 2020-21, it is expected to create employment opportunities to about 10,000 unemployed youth.

The state government maintained that potential for the rural economy to improve significantly as well have impact a positive impact to the environment with many farmers taking up coffee plantation replacing jhum, burning & shifting cultivation.

‘Nagaland Coffee Private Limited’ is a business venture started by two friends -Vivito Yeptho from Nagaland, and Dr. Pieter Vermeulen from Cape Town, South Africa. Dr. Pieter is a coffee expert, with a passion for, and knowledge of cultivation, roasting, processing, brewery and more. They have also opened a coffee shop in Dimapur, to give a taste of the best quality coffee to the folks in Nagaland.

Check out Nagaland Coffee Shop in Dimapur

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