Rio cabinet decides to repair roads of district headquarters within 60 days

In the first cabinet meeting of the new People’s Democractic Alliance (PDA) government held on Thursday, some important decisions were taken.

Some other notable decisions taken were:

1: Election/Appreciation/Appeal
(i) The pre-poll alliance of NDPP-BJP Alliance along with the lone JD(U) and Independent MLA having formed the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) Government extends its sincere appreciation to the electorate of Nagaland and the citizens of the State for reposing faith in our Alliance and voting us to office. Appreciation is also extended to the Churches, Civil Societies, Tribal Hohos, NGOs and civil societies for their positive contributions in the
election process. The Cabinet congratulates the Election Commission of India, the Election Department, the Administration and Police and all law enforcing agencies for successful conduct of the elections.

(ii) The PDA Government appeals to all sections of the people to leave behind the bitterness of the elections and come together under a spirit of unity and oneness in the greater interest of the people of Nagaland and in the interest of lasting peace.

2: Political issue
(i) The Cabinet assures the people that it will play the role of facilitator in the on-going peace process so that a solution that is honourable, inclusive and acceptable to the people is achieved as soon as possible. The PDA
Government also appeals to other NPGs who are not part of the negotiations to join in the political talks which are currently underway.

3: Good Governance/Transparency
(i) The Cabinet decided to make all out efforts to implement good governance initiatives, implement transparency and promote a culture of meritocracy. To begin with, all Government Departments and Government Institutions will be required to have its websites, internet portals and social media accounts that provide all information related to their respective Departments within 100 days.

(ii) The Cabinet also decided that periodical appraisals and assessments of the Departments, including performance of Ministers will take place regularly. The Cabinet will put in place specific targets and deadlines for achievement of programmes and policies and completion of projects. Targets for 100 days, six months and one year will be made public.

(iii) The Cabinet also decided to give a deadline to all Departments to link all government employees and beneficiaries of government funds, pensions, etc, to Aadhaar based biometric system to ensure transparency and good
(iv) All Government Directorates and Secretariat will be covered by Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system within 100 days. An appropriate system will be devised for ensuring attendance in the District offices.
(v) All Ministers and elected Members will be required to declare their assets and the assets of their spouses and dependents within 100 days.

4: Anti-VIP Culture
(i) The Cabinet decided that a notification banning the use of name/designation plates by any government employee and government official in vehicles will be issued. Even Ministers and elected Members will not use name or designation plates. A color coded Car Pass system will be designed for official use specially for Hon’ble Ministers and MLAs to avoid any inconveniences.
(ii) Except the Honourable Governor, the Chief Minister, the Deputy Chief Minister, the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker, no other functionary of the Government will use security escorts and pilots within Kohima and Dimapur.
Security surveillance in the State Capital and Dimapur will be enhanced and improved so that Ministers and other functionaries do not have the need to use escorts and pilots within city limits.

5: Sports & Youth Affairs

(i) The Cabinet decided that a new Nagaland State Sports Policy will be announced within 100 days.
(ii) The Indira Gandhi Stadium, Kohima will be renamed T. Ao Stadium in memory of the first Naga Olympian to coincide with the centenary year of the sports legend.
(iii) A new insurance scheme for students studying outside Nagaland to be launched within 100 days.

6: Nagaland Investment & Development Authority
(i) The Cabinet decided to establish a Nagaland Investment & Development Authority and an investment and business summit will be organised within 100 days.

7: Repair & Renovation of Roads
(i)The Cabinet decided to repair and renovate the roads and filling of potholes in the State capital, the commercial hub, Dimapur and the district headquarters within 60 days. A comprehensive master plan for maintenance of all major road s will be put in place where citizens can monitor and give feedback on progress of works and quality control using information technology and web based mapping software will be implemented within 100 days. also

8: Connectivity & Civil Aviation
The Cabinet decided to formulate a new Civil Aviation Policy to provide air connectivity to remote locations including air ambulances within six months. For this, a committee will be set up to submit its report within two months.

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