‘Summon house every month for no confidence motions’: Azo

azoOn being called by the Speaker to speak on behalf of the Noke-Kaito group after the trust vote on Thursday, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Neinu said that though his group had decided not to speak, yet lauded the speaker’s invitation as a “good gesture”. Commenting on the turn out in the house, on the occasion, Azo took a jibe suggesting that the house should be summoned every month for no confidence motions, in order to attract such a large attendance of HoDs, AHoDs, public etc.

G.Kaito Aye who spoke also chose to agree with Azo by adding, that if the state has enough money, the house should be summoned every month so that all HoDs, government employees etc should be invited to witness “our difficulties”.

Chief Minister TR Zeliang clearly not amused with Azo’s statement said that “Such casualness and levity inside the House is unbecoming of a senior leader like him (Azo)” while also adding that the affairs of the State should not be taken so casually”.

Meanwhile, even as the 21 NPF legislators under G Kaito Aye and Noke Wangnao voted in favour of TR Zeliang government, coming out of the Assembly they asserted to continue their ‘legitimate demand’ for him to step down as the Chief Minister.

Kaito Aye said that the intention of the group was never to over through the DAN government or to merge with any other political parties but only to change the leadership.

Therefore, he said the matter is now with the Election Commission for authorizing the use of party symbol (cock) and “we will continue with our demand till such time it is achieved”.

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