‘Fake Bank documents’ says NPF (TR camp)

The Legal Cell of the Dr. Shurhozelie-led NPF today released a statement saying that it has “ascertained beyond all doubt” that the bank documents produced by ‘Kaito’s group’ alleging transfer of money to T.R. Zeliang’s bank account abroad are “fake and fabricated.”

The alleged docs of foreign bank transactions of TR Zeliang

The alleged docs of foreign bank transactions of TR Zeliang

The legal cell’s statements:

1. On the upper left corner of the document, the date of `processing’ is shown as 16.08.2014, but on the lower left corner, the date of ‘acceptance’ of the transaction by the bank is shown as 16.03.2014. “How can the acceptance be done 5 months ahead of the date of its processing? That means the transfer was processed well after T.R. Zeliang became C.M, but it was already accepted well before he became C.M.

2. “In all bank documents relating to remittances, deposits, and transfers of money etc, the amounts are invariably also written in words. But in the said documents produced, the amounts are indicated only in figures, but not in words.

3. To open a bank account in foreign countries, you need to produce your passport, where the names are always written in full without abbreviations. “So, obviously, if T.R. Zeliang wants to open a bank account in Hongkong or Singapore or in any other country, he cannot open in the name and style of T.R. Zeliang but as per the given name on his passport.

4. “It is common knowledge that figures are always mentioned or written in thousands or millions in all countries except in India where we use the Indian system of lakhs and crores. It is interesting to note that as per the document circulated, the money transfer which originated in Singapore, the amount is written as SGD (Singapore Dollars) 70,00,000.00 as per the Indian system.”

“The persons responsible for faking these documents should know that criminal charges will soon be slapped on them not only for forgery but also for a host of associated charges,” the legal cell cautioned.

The public can only hope that CBI or RBI come out with their own findings.

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