BAN laments taxation on Naga entrepreneurs

With festive season nearing it is a common trend to see an upsurge in ‘tax demands’ by different groups, stated a press release by media cell of the Business Association of Nagas (BAN). The release mentioned that a well known, iconic and genuine Naga businessman and entrepreneur has recently been asked to pay a huge amount as yearly tax. The group had also downed the shutters of his business establishment. BAN strongly condemned the act.

BAN opined that it was appreciable that some NNPGs have resolved to exempt Naga entrepreneurs from taxation and have understood that imposing tax on our own brothers and sisters is counterproductive and would have negative impact on the upcoming Naga entrepreneurs. BAN appealed to these groups to uphold their resolution. On the other hand, BAN appealed to the NNPGs who have not exempted Naga entrepreneurs to come into the fold and earn the goodwill of the Naga people.

BAN also reaffirmed on the public resolution of ‘One Government, one Tax’ and went on to say that Multiple taxation is a constant harassment to the business community and also causes price rise in the market.

BAN also requested the Government of India expedite the peace process and find a solution to the vexed Naga problem.

The media cell informed that Most Naga entrepreneurs run small enterprises and struggle to make a little profit and it was not fair on the part of our NNPGs to take away this little profit from them. BAN, an organization exclusively for ‘Nagas by blood’ members has been advocating the scope of entrepreneurship to make Nagaland state a self-reliant and a developed state and not only a salaried economy. BAN requested the NNPGs to be considerate to Naga entrepreneurs and businessmen and exempt them from any form of taxation.

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