Exit Polls predict victory for NDPP-BJP in Nagaland

On polling day Nagaland recorded 75% voting, the Election Commission (EC) has said.

JanKiBaat-NewsX and CVoter exit polls have predicted victory for the NDPP-BJP which is likely to get 25-31 seats with 38.4 per cent vote share and the NPF likely to bag 19-25 seats with a vote share of 27.1 per cent.

The Congress in Nagaland is set to lose a lot with the poll predicting 0-4 seats with a vote share of 19.7 per cent, while others may get 6-10 seats with a vote share of 14.8 per cent, according to CVoter.

In the 60-member assembly, a party would need 31 seats to get a clear majority.

The ECI will declare the results for Nagaland on March 3.

BJP-NDPP: 27-32
NPF: 20-25
Congress: 0-2
Others: 5-7

NDPP-BJP: 25-31
NPF: 19-25
Congress: 0-4
Others: 6-10


NewsX Special coverage of the exit polls

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