NBCC in damage-control mode after sparking controversy

After sparking controversy with its message asking voters to choose ‘Naga identity’—the byword of a political party’s election campaign this time—the core committee of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council’s (NBCC) Clean Election campaign seeks to clarify that the council does not favour any political party.

A press statement from the committee on Friday stated that the phrases it had used in its Feb. 21 press release urging voters ‘to choose our future with Christian and Naga Identity’ and encouraging ‘members to have allegiance towards one’s faith, rather than by going with any communal party,’ was read with the impression that the NBCC was supporting a particular political party.

“In a time such as this the choice of phrases and appeal has been mistakenly constructed and for which the Clean Election Core Committee clarifies to the political parties which may have hurt their sentiments, that NBCC in no way support any political party,” the statement read. (Eastern Mirror News)

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