Rs 186 crore spent on Kohima-Dimapur highway

Rupees 186 Crores has been utilized so far in works concerning the ongoing Dimapur-Kohima four lane highway project.

This was revealed by Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways, Mansukh L Mandaviya, in a reply to an unstarred questions submitted by Nationalist Congress Party of Indiam MP DP Tripathi in the Rajya Sabha, on January 1.

The total project cost is Rs 1570.71 Crores. The Minister, in his reply informed that the entire four lane highway between Dimapur and Kohima is divided into 3 packages.

Package 1 includes the stretch from 123.840 km to 138.775 km, for which the total sanction cost is Rs 489.01 Crores. Package 2 – the stretch from 138.775 km to 152.490 km – at the total sanction cost of Rs 519.72 Crores. Package 3 includes the stretch from 152.490 km to 166.700 km, for which the total sanction cost is Rs 562.98 Crores.

Laying down the details of fund utilization so far, the Minister informed that under civil work, fund utilization was Rs 59.79 Crores for package 1; Rs 86.57 Crores for package 2 and Rs 8.17 Crores for package 3.

In addition, a total of Rs 2.99 Crore was utilized under Authority Engineer; and Rs 27.80 Crore was used for land acquisition and utility shifting.

It may be noted that the time line to finish the project is 2019. More specifically, as per the contract agreement, Package 1 needs to be completed by September 16, 2019; Package 2 by August 2, 2019; and Package 3 by August 8, 2019. (Agencies)