Following the recent arrest of one Nagaho Aye by police, NSCN (K) Monday issued a reminder to ACAUT “that any eventually in the future may be recorder as justified” from the perspective of “unresolved Indo-Naga-Myanmar political issue.” In the reminder, NSCN (K) said any instance of any of its member falling prey to the “vicious anti-Naga propaganda of ACAUT” would henceforth be treated with utmost seriousness and befitting action would be initiated in concurrence to “treason act.”

NSCN (K) said as pursued by ACAUT, Nagaho Aye was apprehended by security agency in connection to the alleged bomb blast at LPG godown in Dimapur. While lauding the “tenacity and zeal” of ACAUT in the operation in collaboration with Indian security agencies, NSCN (K) said ACAUT was also expected to own up any repercussion in the aftermath of such “anti-NSCN maneuver.” NSCN (K) said that it needed to be recorded that as per ACAUT’s memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Nagaland, “taxation” has been explicitly stated as “inter-related to ongoing Indo-Naga political crisis”.

ACAUT should therefore be bold enough to acknowledge “taxation” as part and parcel of the struggle and not to be treated as “extraordinary criminal offences” requiring detention at Tihar jail under NSA, said NSCN (K). NSCN (K) stated that ACAUT also needed clarify why its members were demanding for “state’s first class gazette officer’s remuneration and NL-10 SUV(s) when it is a non-state agency”. – Nagaland Post

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