Naga business body visits Prodigal’s home


Members of Business Association of Nagas (BAN) visited Prodigals Home Dimapur on Independence Day at the request of Deputy Commissioner Dimapur. The members interacted with the children and staff and distributed various items like bed sheets, stationary and eatables.

At the brief programme, BAN president Thungbemo Murry thanked the District administration for giving BAN the opportunity to visit the home. He thanked the management of the home for their selfless service in nurturing the children and giving destitutes much needed support and hope.

BAN General Secretary Dr. Khekugha Tuccu shared words of inspiration and asked the children to not lose hope but make use of the opportunity given by the home and revive their lives.

BAN executive member Dr Yan Murry shared about the courses offered by his organization Pinnacle Skills which the girls can take up for free and find a means of livelihood.

Other BAN members who visited prodigals home include Vice President Akum Jamir and Executive member Chiru Thuzu.
BAN has been visiting various institutions like jail, rehabs and orphanages on the occasion of Independence day for the last few years.

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