5 Questions with Fashion blogger Aien Jamir

Delhi based Aien Jamir is a blogger and style influencer but Style-preneur is the word that best describes her. From starting her online store ‘AJ-Store’ on Facebook which went on to become a hit, to being the face of Fashion and I, Aien has done it all for the love of style and been aesthetically the best at it. There has been no stopping for this lady as her unique eye for fashion, style and beauty made remarkable waves placing her in the glossy pages of many prominent fashion magazines in the country such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Grazia, Femina and L’officiel. She has worked with a plethora of global brands like Gap, Nike, Adidas, H&M, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Aeropostale etc.

Aien’s Blog, ‘Fashion and I’ (www.aienjamir.com) aims to curate content and visuals to celebrate all things beautiful in the most sublime manner for its readers who thrive with the heartbeat called Style.

Nagas Connect (NC) catches up with Aien to discuss about her work.

NC: From Fashion blogger to ‘Style-preneur’ – how challenging has the journey been?
Aien: I was always interested in fashion but blogging definitely got me more interested in fashion. I started blogging about 8 years ago mainly to blog about my personal style and share my photos. My intention was to create something that people would love to look at, and they could find inspiration from, and that was it. But now it has become more than posting pictures. Booking major campaigns, hosting events and traveling around for creative content and sharing the experiences.

Early on when there was no monetary compensation, trying to keep the blog afloat just by posting pictures and to make a living out of blogging was a great challenge. I never thought it could become a job, let alone I would have such success.

NC: Out of the many, which ‘achievement’ do you treasure most?
Aien: It has to be my parents’ approval. Back then when blogging was such an alienated word it was such a challenge to make them understand the concept, especially when blogging wasn’t even generating any revenues.

Never compromise your ethics, give your best and allow the events to unfold naturally.

NC: How important is professionalism in a highly competitive world?
Aien: Most people think that blogging is all about taking pretty pictures and attending fancy events! But there are so much more than that! This is no longer a game. Like any other profession this job also requires a great deal of professionalism to remain relevant and to continue doing business. Compete to win, fair and square. The real world is brutal and not necessarily fair. That’s just the way it is. Never compromise your ethics, give your best and allow the events to unfold naturally.

NC: How do you define ‘Style’?
Aien: Style is something personal and it doesn’t change with trends or fashion.

NC: What are the current trends in fashion & style that appeal to you?
Aien: I love the fact that the 80s and the 90s fashion has made a comeback!

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