Exit Polls: BJP & allies likely to form government in Tripura, Meghalaya

The BJP is likely to snatch power from the 25-year-old CPM government in Tripura, with two exit polls predicting that the saffron party-led alliance may win over 35 seats in the state. However, a third exit poll predicts that it could be a close contest between the CPM and the BJP in the 60-member assembly.

While JanKiBaat-NewsX has predicted that the BJP-IPFT alliance in Tripura will win 35-45 seats with a vote share of 51 per cent, an exit poll by AxisMyIndia predicts 44 to 50 seats for the combine with a vote share of 49 per cent.
According to JanKiBaat-NewsX, the ruling Left front is likely to get 14-23 seats with vote share of 45-46 per cent. AxisMyIndia poll predicts the Left to win 9-15 seats with a vote share of 40 per cent in Tripura.

However, the CVoter exit poll predicts a close finish in Tripura, with the CPM likely to get 26 to 34 seats (44.3 per cent vote share) and the BJP and its allies winning 24 to 32 seats (42.8 per cent vote share). The Congress may win only 0-2 seats with a vote share of 7.2 per cent, predicts CVoter.


BJP-IPFT: 35-45
Left front: 14-23

BJP-IPFT: 44-50
Left front: 9-15
Others: 0-3

CPM: 26-34
BJP+: 24-32
Congress: 0-2

In Meghalaya, where the Congress is in power, the JanKiBaat-NewsX exit poll shows that the National People’s Party (NPP) is set to gain with 23-27 seats while the BJP will get 8-12 seats, with vote shares of 39 and 12 per cent respectively. The Congress is predicted to win 13-17 seats with a voteshare of 21 per cent and others are likely to get 2 to 6 seats.


National People’s Party (NPP): 23-27
Congress: 13-17
BJP: 8-12
Others: 2-6

NPP: 17-23
Congress: 13-19
BJP: 4-8
Others: 5-9


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