Online voting during elections – a possibility


Nagas Connect Report:
Increasingly, around the world, there is talk going on to provide online voting as an option for voters. This facility will enable many voters to cast their vote without visiting a poling booth.

However, there are challenges to be dealth with – like online hacking of election results.

Supporters of internet voting claim why it should not be an option for voters when people are doing many sensitive tasks online – like banking for example.

In Kerala, where over 2.3 million state citizens work in Gulf countries, the election commission of India is seriously looking implementing online voting for the NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). The state CEO has initiated online registration of NRIs. NRI voting can become a reality in assembly elections by 2016 in Kerala.

Meanwhile, Britian is contemplating making online voting a reality by 2020. Supporters of internet voting in general elections claim it could help to engage young people, after a sharp fall in turnout.

Talking about the proposal to introduce online voting, Chief Election Commissioner HS Brahma said it needs a constitutional amendment and the commission is also seeking response from all the political parties on the proposal.

Modi factor
Reason why internet voting may become a reality under the Modi regime – In April 2011 Gujarat became the first Indian state to experiment with Internet voting when it provided online-voting option during the municipal elections.

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