What time can you burst crackers on Diwali & Christmas

The Supreme Court while refusing to ban the sale on firecrackers, however imposed heavy restrictions, which also included the timing to burst crackers.

The Bench also said that only crackers considered to be safe and green will be allowed. Further the court said that the sale of firecrackers will be done only by licence holders.

There would be no sale of crackers containing barium salt. Those crackers producing a lot of noise will not be permitted the court also said.

In its order the Bench banned the sale of firecrackers online. It also imposes a stay on the sale of firecrackers by e-commerce portals.

Further the court fixed the duration for the bursting of firecrackers.

When can you burst crackers on Diwali:
8 pm to 10 pm

When can you burst crackers on Christmas:
11.45 pm to 12.45 am

When can you burst crackers on New Year:
11.45 pm and 12.45 am.

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