BJP takes dig at Rahul Gandhi for wearing Rs 70,000 jacket in Shillong

Congress President Rahul Gandhi had attacked BJP led NDA government as ‘Suit-Boot Kar Sarkar’. Now it is BJP’s turn to shoot back. It all started when the Congress president Rahul Gandhi sported the “expensive” jacket while attending a concert in Shillong.

Soon, BJP took potshots at Gandhi over his jacket, which they claim cost nearly Rs 70,000.

BJP’s tweet was in retaliation to Rahul Gandhi’s “suit boot” jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had worn a monogrammed suit during a meeting with then US President Barack Obama in 2015.

The base price of the suit at an auction was Rs 11 lakh, and it was sold for Rs 4.31 crore. Twitterati was quick to join the party and reminded Gandhi of his apparent hypocrisy.

“Did they go to see the bill when Rahul Gandhi was buying the jacket?How do they know? I have never seen a man like Rahul Bhai who lives such a simple life while sitting on such important post,” Navjot Singh Siddhu defended his party chief.

After the social media uproar, Rahul Gandhi has now reportedly cleared the air, saying he borrowed the jacket! (Agencies)

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