Amazing health benefits of ‘Touch Me Not’ plant


The ‘Touch Me Not’ plant (scientific name Mimosa Pudica) has gained popularity because of the shrinking reaction it has to touch. It is found growing wildly in Nagaland. It is found in some countries in Asia and South and Central America. But most people are not aware about its health benefits.

The list below will give you and idea about the health benefits this plant boasts about and how you can use them in times of need.

1. For Minor Cuts And Wounds
The juice extracted by crushing a few leaves of this plant and applied on the wound will work wonders. This plant has healing properties through which the pain will subside easily.

2. For Excessive Bleeding During Menstruation
The touch-me-not plant comes useful to control excessive bleeding during menstruation. For this, Extract 6 teaspoons juice of this plant and mix it with honey. Drink this home remedy 3 times a day. Or you can extract juice from the root of this plant and take 5ml every 2hours mixed with honey and pepper.

3. Cures Piles Or Bleeding Piles Or Haemorrhoids And Improves Sexual Potency In Men
Touch-me-not plant in its powder form is also beneficial. Simply make a powder from its leaves and mix 1 teaspoon in a glass of milk. Drink this twice a day.

4. For Joint Pain Or Arthritis
For this, you need to make a paste from the leaves of this plant and apply it on your joints. Leave it for the night and then wash it the next morning.

5. For Treating Diabetes
Low blood sugar level is another benefit by drinking the juice of this plant. This is good news for the diabetics.
Drink 30ml juice of this plant religiously morning and evening. Within 7-10 days you will notice the difference in your blood sugar levels.

6. For Treating Diarrhea
Juice from the leaves of this plant helps to treat indigestion. Drink a dose of 30ml to see good results.

7. For Treating Jaundice
Yes. It also works for treating jaundice. Extract juice from the leaves of this plant and administer 20-40ml twice a day for three weeks.

8. For Treating Stomach Ache And Intestinal Worms
For treating stomach ache and the problem of intestinal worms all you have to do is: Make a paste from the leaves of this plant. For 3-4 days take this paste once a day mixed with honey.

9. To Cure Itching
To get rid of the itchy skin, Just make a paste from the root of this plant and apply it to the affected area. Or make a paste by extracting the juice of this plant and add Sesame oil.

10. To Cure Gum Problems And Toothache
You can gargle with the decoction made from the roots of this plant to maintain good oral hygiene and cure toothache.

11. For Treatment Of Glandular Swelling And Hydrocele
Prepare a juice from the leaves of this plant and apply on the affected area for treatment of glandular swelling and hydrocele. By doing this the burning sensation and swelling will subside.

12. To Uplift Sagging Breast
Instead of going for expensive treatments and surgeries, simply prepare a paste of the touch-me-not plant and Ashwagandha roots and apply this paste on the breasts to uplift them.

13. For Treating Snake Bites
Touch-me-not is proven to fight the venom of snakes as dangerous as the cobra. In a case of such emergencies prepare a decoction of its roots (10gm) in 400ml of water and drink it twice a day.

14. For Treating Insect Bites
In a case of insect bites grind the leaves and stem of this plant and apply on the affected area. Do this remedy twice a day.

15. Treating Insomnia/Sleeplessness
Take leaves of this plant (5gm) and crush them to make a paste. Boil this paste in hot water and strain. Take this during nighttime and within 15-20 days you will see the results.

16. For Treating Asthma
Prepare the juice of this plant (15ml) and drink it twice a day. This will help in treating asthma.

17. For Treating High Blood Pressure
Take leaves of this plant and crush them to extract the juice. Consume 15 ml twice a day. This will help your high blood pressure issues.

18. For Treating Premature Ejaculation
Take the seeds of this plant and mix with equal quantities of sugar. At night take 2 teaspoons of it with warm milk.

19. Fights Hair Loss
The Mimosa Pudica plant helps in the growth of new hair cells and helps to control hair loss and baldness. It is advised to use herbal shampoos containing the extracts of this plant.

Word Of Caution
Although the touch-me-not plant shows many help benefits, it should not be consumed by pregnant and lactating women. If taken in high quantities it can prove fatal. Also, you should avoid using it if you suffer from constipation or hypomenorrhea (scanty periods).

Now that you know all the health benefits of shy, bashful Mimosa Pudica it can prove to be helpful in your day to day activities. Be careful regarding the doses or contact an Ayurveda specialist.

(Source: Dr.Gopi Krishna Maddikera, Mavcure)

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