Nagas Connect, founded in 2011 is an initiative of Eastern Media House. The website went online in 2014. Nagas Connect strive to provide up-to-date news to readers from Nagaland, India and around the globe.

Our editorial and reporting staff works hard to ensure that the information being delivered to the readers is completed in all respects and presents the true picture of the various events and happenings.

Nagas Connect is based on the concept of participatory community media and citizen journalism, which transcends beyond the limitations of conventional media and allows citizens of the country to report, read, write, comment and debate news, views and happenings they find significant. In unique ways, it provides the tools of informing and opinion shaping to the people in both text and visual multimedia forms.

  • Motto

“Be Connected, Be informed”

  • Mission

– To cover news impartially.
– To connect Nagas living in different parts of the world through news and information.
– To voice opinion of Nagas and provide them a platform for discussion.
– To present news and information in a accurate and balanced manner.

Managing Editor: Kwelungheile Zeliang

Ajungla Jamir: State News
Christina Murry: Entertainment
Chenithung Humtsoe: Politics